OCEANKING has two facilities, both located near each other in the province of Venice. One is the Metal Shipyard, birthplace of the company, where we build hulls and the heaviest parts of our steel and aluminium vessels, and the other is our company Headquarters, where we take on the rest of our labors for the final building steps of our yachts, and where we develop the design, engineering, carpentry, painting, and the different set-ups of all the plants, customer assistance and sales.




With a private area of 36500 m2, our metal shipyard is currently one of the main medium sized shipyards for construction, maintenance and remodelling of commercial and recreational vessels in the northern Adriatic Sea. The shipyard is also specialised in the creation of marine equipment (stabilizers, solutions and components for marine propulsion) and diesel motors for marine applications.


The shipyard works as the main contractor in the design and construction of many types of vessels, such as bulk carriers, small oil tankers, chemical tankers, cargo vessels, dredgers, investigation vessels, fishing vessels, river barges, tugboats, ferries, work vessels and many more. For these vessels, the shipyard guarantees ordinary and extraordinary maintenance programs, as well as reconditioning for them.



The different welding processes of steel to carbon, aluminium and stainless steel occur in Chioggia, where they are all certified by “RINA” by use of specialised and certified welders. The shipyard takes into account all of the modern welding technologies (submerged arc, tig and mig)
In this shipyard, the yachts are completely made from steel, with premanufactured helmet blocks, pipes and other elements and details, depending on the designs and projects. The mechanical workshop carries out special processes such as turning, milling, boring, shaft alignment, installation of engines and propulsion units, as well as maintenance of the ship’s engines and systems.



Metal shipyard is equipped with a modern 19m high structure exclusively for the construction of OCEANKING yachts.
The shipyard is specialised in the construction of steel and aluminium structures and has a department dedicated exclusively to the construction of naval pipelines capable of making any type of plant in any material of up to 600mm of diameter.
Metal Shipyard is also qualified and certified to carry out structural modifications, sheet metal replacement, sandblasting and painting, marine installations, mechanical and electrical work, air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, marine interiors, carpentry work, tank cleaning and draining, hydraulics and pneumatics, as well as mechanical work required to pass class renewals.



Metal Shipyard has a team specialising solely in the painting and sandblasting of workboats and yachts in general.
In a special zone within the shipyard, various cycles of paint take place, where we use techniques and special procedures from the main providers of naval paint.
In accordance with shipowners, the technical department recommends the most appropriate paint cycle for the different necessities of the vessel.
The blasting of the structures is carried out by means of a mixed air-water dust removal system, for guaranteed results and environmental protection.



Metal Shipyard operates under the certified system UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, which certifies that the quality control system considers the necessary internal processes which allow for a better performance in the business processes, better production efficiency and better client satisfaction.
Working with a certified UNI system is a warrant for any national or international client, since it guarantees that all quality procedures and standards are taken into consideration and fulfilled.
All production processes and qualified workers are able to process any material in any kind of vessel.
A specific team works following the technical requirements of the most important classification societies, such as R.I.N.A, ABS, DNV, B.V.

Uncovered space: 36,800 
Covered space: 2,500 
· Carpentry shed (19m high): 1,400 
· Workshop: 450 
· Warehouse: 400 
· Dry dock: 1,250 t
· Slipway up to 95 m: 3,500 t
· Slipway up to 60 m: 900 t
· 100 m dock (4.5 m. deep)


Lifting equipment:
· Self-propelled crane (3o t)
· Self-propelled crane (55 t)
· Self-propelled crane (15 t)
· Self-propelled crane (60 t)




The central offices of OCEANKING are located in Venice. They are modern, last generation installations of approximately 14500 m2, a covered area of 5000m2 and a main building of 28m of height, which allow for all the necessary procedures to conclude our yachts in a masterful way.

These facilities also host our 900 m2 offices which are distributed in 5 different floors, where we can find engineering department, and design, outfitting, finishing, and sales department. There is also a private heliport, offered for our most VIP clients.



A naval technician and engineering team advises our shipowners. They don’t limit themselves to the project and design of the OCEANKING yacht, they also take on tailor-made projects or vessel refits and offer support for the class inspections, propulsion equipment, on-board systems and, in general, to all which refers to the structure or systems of the yachts.



These headquarters are synonymous with constant investigation of new, innovative methods for the construction of great yachts, a modus operandi which has revolutionised the idea of traditional navigation.
Fusing an artistic, refined soul with a meticulous, business-focues vision intro a great synergy, we design and build boats which combine a contemporary design, great innovation, high performance and technological excellence.



The shipyard has the adequate knowledge and experience in regulation, guaranteeing the highest quality standards demanded by the design, construction and the maintenance of the yachts by considering the quality system established by the current regulations.

Naval architects of great prestige and interior designers meet with out clients to guarantee the singularity of each boat, creating interior designs and modifications that are lined up with the needs and pleasures of the owners, as though it were a home, since OCEANKING’s philosophy is much more than the philosophy of a boat. The personality of our boats is the personality of our shipowners.



OCEANKING has some of the most prestigious naval architectural and interior design studies in Italy working besides them for the development of their most masterful lines of yachts, applying an untransferable personality and giving them a particular seal. There are no two same OCEANKINGS because there are no two same clients.

The architects and interior designers meet with our clients to guarantee the uniqueness of each yacht, carrying out interior design and modifications according to the taste and needs of the owners as if it were a home, because the philosophy of OCEANKING is much more than the philosophy of a yacht. The personality of our yachts is the personality of the owners.



The boat’s hulls, which arrive in their final state from the Metal Shipyard, culminate here their fabrication process. The first step is painting the hull, after which various artisans will start their labours for the extraordinary construction of the yachts. Carpinters, electricians, mechanics, welders, upholsterers, all of them contribute with their knowledge and experience so that the result of each unit that leaves the shipyard is a unique gem.

One of the biggest advantages of OCEANKING is their totally autonomy as a luxury yacht constructor, since they concentrate all the management for the creation of their yachts in their own company, without depending on other companies for the development of the most important labours in the construction and process of the yachts. This way, they can control the guarantees in all of their productive procedures.

Uncovered space: 14,500 
Covered space: 5,000 
· Staging area (28 m height)
Offices: 900 m²
(5 floors with a lift)


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